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The Culture Lap is an extensive network project, working with to local agencies, creative freelancers and passionated people from all over the area. We want you to experience our area as we do - private, athentic and with all senses. Our philosophy is simple: local, personal, sustainable & fair


Northern Greece is a symphony of captivating diversity and beauty. Idyll-lovers get their expectations fullfilled on long coastlines, on the impressive countryside and at mystic mountains. Aficionados of culture and history have infinite options by visiting traditional villages, historic monuments, archaeological sites. Thessaloniki is a progessive town which developed on historic ground. It is characterized by the progressive spirit of a university-town, contemporary arts a social outdoor lifestyle next to ancient excavations. It is a modern coffeeshop culture but also defined by old Kafe Neions. Some areas apperar dusty on daytime but shiny at night. Thessaloniki is modern, industrial, elegant, maritime and historic. The market is art deco and the castle Byzantine. Thessaloniki appears like a successful melage of Rome, Barcelona and Berlin. .


By a drive through the countryside you can guess the season by its scent. The spring smells like awakening. The hills are covered by countless shades of green and smell like sping, flowers and grass. In summer you can smell the warm air, the sea and the Jasmine. The scent of fall is characterized by olives and the scent of winemaking and destillation. In winter the light smell of many burning wood gives you the idea about relaxation and cosy fireplaces.


Olives, Feta and wine might be the Tryptichon of the local taste. A bit tart but warm and welcoming. The Greek Cuisine is defined by the usage of fresh & local products but the way of dining is also mentality and social event. Traditional housewifes and creative celebrity chefs create amazing tastes every day and all over the place but also consider this scenario: it is summer and you are with your loved one on the beach after celebrating the night in the local clubs. You have a bottle of an ordinary table wine and a cantine-trailer-sandwich with you while watching the sunset... in moments like this an ordinary wine and a sloggy souvlaki-sandwich will be one of the best tastes you ever had.








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