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Virtual & Visual


Web Design

The culture Lab offers tailor made websites for every need Our templates are created from the scratch to present your ideas the best possible and most personal way.
Life is dynamic and so are our websites... and responsive to enable a perfect display on all devices. We also offer Content-Management-Systems to enable you direct access to content & presentation and provide unlimited customer support


Photography & Photo-Editing

 The Culture Lab agency provides experienced photographers for professional photographic results and offer profound knowledge in photo-editing. Our skills in landscape and indoor-photography are an immense benefit for the creation of an appealing website but also may be requested for a private shooting.

Every and even the best photo can still optimized and modified. Culture Lab is up to date at the latest techniques of professional photo editing. This service is beneficial for commercial high gloss photos as well as for the restoration of old pictures 


3D Graphics

The Culture Lab visualizes projects in 3D graphics & animations on a photorealistic level of quality. We offer the reconstruction of historic buildings with or without an animated environment to transcend a visual context impression of the monuments appearance in ancient times, based on archaeological evidence, historical information and available sketches. The application could be an attracting upgrade at presentations, digital information panels and websites





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About us

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Collaborate with us

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External Project


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The Halkidiki Project is a cultural project, including an extensive local and international network. It provides profound information about every specific area of Halkidiki and its possibilities for private travelers. We also created a selection of unique workshops in cooperation with local instructors



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