culture lab photo editing into dita 1200x675





Image Editing and Photo Retouching


We love design and the infinite possibilities of photo-editing & retouching
In fact

Every Image Can Be Improved

Even the best photographic work still can be enhanced by sharpening and illumination.
We provide professional image-editing and retouching for private persons and commercial presentations.
This includes the best possible versions of your favorite photos of your private collection but especially a high end editing of images for professional photography-works, web-presentations and commercial use.

We offer
- General improvement of images in contrast, color, dept & lighting
- Professional workflow for photos of model & fashion shootings
- Removement or placement of objects from or into an image
- Repair and restoration of damaged old photos
- Reasonable body-retouching as well as the reduction of small wrinkles and digital smoothing of the skin-texture on portraits
- Resizing, labeling of images and formatting of images for web-design and online presentations
- Digital artwork for private and commercial purpose




Restoration and colorization of old photographs



This photo from about 1880 (my grand-grand-grandmother) was mainly recovered by fixing the scratches and reducing the noise. During the process of restoration even the image of her medallion could be carved out and made visible again first time after 100 years



This group-photo of Greek soldiers was taken about 1910. Beside the removal of various serious scratches it also took a full recovery of a soldier’s face (first line on the right). The colorization of the soldiers uniforms based on studies regarding the outfitting of the Greek army during this period.



Free artwork

Text Portrait of Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain was my absolute hero in the 90s. It was about time to create a portrait made out of the lyrics of ‘heart shaped box’


Miss March Exposure
A floral springtime landscape combined with the properties of a woman’s profile


Landscape Retouching

Sun-flare removal
This is a typical negative-example of a picture with sun-flares and loss of details due a shot during sunset. On this image we removed sun flares, fixed the color-balance, sharpened the edges and increased its depth