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Lea Aimee von Freital is a project manager & 3D artist
Currently located in Northern Greece, she is traveling frequently
to her main home locations Berlin & Brussels.

Working in the field of classic digital design since 2004,
she fully converted in 3D programming & compositing in 2016.
In Maya & Nuke she founded her destiny.

Lea would consider herself as a high grade workaholic,
owned & domesticated by her best pals & housemates Frida & Wilma, the cats.

2020 she opened the agency ‘Culture Lab’,
offering all type of digital design works
and focused on local projects & cultural visualizations.

https://lea-aimee.com is her personal brand for
3D design & visualizations.

Favorite quote to live & work by
"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs




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