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My name is Lea Aimée von Freital, born in West-Germany in 1978.

After my high-school graduation, I’ve moved to Berlin for studies before I've started working in the project management.

In the year 2004, my path was leading me to Greece. First to Thessaloniki, then to Kassandra-Halkidiki; where I proceeded with international projects, focus on the cultural sector. In the same year, I started my studies in image processing and web design. I always take a challenge as a chance to develop new skills. I kept - and never stopped - learning and developing new techniques in image editing and digital graphic design.

I follow the works of digital artists all over the world to provide my customers with products on a state-of-the-art quality level.

Getting in touch with 3D software was a life-changing coincidence. The creation of photorealistic graphics and virtual environments became my new destination.

As archeology always has been my private passion, it just was a logical conclusion to combine 3D programming with archaeological projects.

So I focused my development as a 3D artist on the digital reconstruction of ancient places and historic buildings, including the 3D modeling of antique tools of daily use and its graphical integration in their surroundings. This work is my grandiose passion and I would love to digitize the entire ancient world in graphics and animations.

For the industry, I use my talent and my passion as a 3D artist mainly for product design and architectonic works.

Kassandra is still my home. However, the world of digital graphic design is an exciting & versatile place. Let’s see where this journey is taking me next.







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